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Wikepage Opus 8 2006.1b English (Fermi-Dirac) 25 Kb
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Let's translate! 

Wikepage is in two languages for now. English and Turkish . Please help wikepage's i18n development. Download latest English language pack, translate, zip again and send to (takes max. 30 minutes)

Wikepage Opus 8 2006.1b released! [Feb 1,2006]
Ok.. I accept. Edit confirmation box is not a good idea. We remove it with protecting security solution. In Opus 7, file upload support was included for a first time and adjusted to upload max. of 1Mbit files. Uh. It's only 122Kb. Sorry for this restriction. I raised it up to 1Mb. You can adjust it from index.php, 1Megabyte is nearly 8.5Mbits, Or simply 8Mbits. And a little url filtering issue solved which affect from 2006.1.

Wikepage Opus 7 2006.1a released! [Jan 10,2006]
An issue which results wrong execution of wikepage in PHP5 systems is solved. If you use a hosting with PHP5, you must use Opus 7 2006.1 

Wikepage Opus 6 2006.1 released! [Jan 4,2006]
Wikepage is now more powerful! With new features, corrections and optimizations, new wike released! New features of 2006.1 (codename: Fermi-Dirac) are:

* Upload system,
* Delete file/page and support,
* Edit confirmation page,
* Page creation D.O.S. bug closed,
* Small corrections in code and file system.

Monobook theme! [Sep 11,2005]
Maybe it's world's best theme for wikis. Big wiki brother MediaWiki's popular theme monobook is now for wikepage! For more information please visit Themes page. For your view, Wikepage Demo is using monobook theme.

Wikepage Opus 5 2005.4 released! [Sep 11,2005]
With new features and mostly optimization, new wike released! New features of 2005.4 (codename: Bose-Einstein) are:

* Spammer enemy: Nofollow outlinks,
* New theme,
* Optimized code,
* Code comments are english now,
* Redesigned folder structure,
* Single file i18n support,
* Theme support,
* From now on, outlinks are signed with ,[Aug 22,2005]
New domain is active. It's easier than, i think.

Wikepage downloads exceed 2500. And about Opus 5[Aug 15,2005]
Wikepage download counter exceed 2500! Thanks again.. I'm working on Opus 5, as i can say, it has new variable system, new folder system, single file i18n support and theme support. I work on file upload support. It will be 2005.4 or 2006.1 i don't know for now. But i want to change it more.

Security Announcement Wikepage Opus 4 2005.3a released! [Jun 12,2005]
A security flaw is fixed in new release 2005.3a. This flaw effects all wikepage versions including 2005.1. Please upgrade your index.php file with new one. And if you want you can upgrade lang/en/ file, but it's not necessary. Thanks armish .

Wikepage Opus 3 2005.3 released! [Jun 3,2005]
With new features and mostly optimization, new wike released! New features of 2005.3 (codename: Frank - van der Merwe) are:

* Corrected css style for Firefox and Opera,
* Smaller code and smaller zip with new features,
* Simple Banner support,
* Linked pictures support,

2005.2 and 2005.1 users can upgrade their sites without
uploading their data/language folder. Other all files
and folders must be replaced with new files/folders.

Get wikepage now. Download new version !

Wikepage downloads exceed 1000. [May 24,2005]
Wikepage download counter exceed 1000! (As 02.06.05/10:02 GMT+2, downloads + sourceforge )Thanks for all. I'm working on 2005.3, it'll be more a bug-free, clean-coded and a minor enchanged version with firefox and opera friendly css. And a little more :)

Ideapoint solve our hosting problem.. Thanks.[Feb 1,2005]
Thanks to affordable hosting solutions firm for sponsoring our host. Try them. Fantastic!


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